New Fish & Chip shop comes to Heckington

Kippers fish and chip shop Heckington

Kippers Fish and Chip Shop

The long awaited opening of the new village chippy is almost here.

Doors will officially open at the new 'Kippers' fish and chip shop on Kyme Road in Heckington on Tuesday 12th April, following extensive refurbishment and development by the new owner Chris Matson.

We asked Chris to tell us a little bit more about Kippers and what the local residents of Heckington can expect.

"We came about the Fish and chip shop as we have always had an interest in Heckington the village, partly because my nana Inga Pratt and my grandad Jim Pratt have owned and run the bed and breakfast on the main street for as long as I can remember. As a child we came most sundays to visit them which I think is partly the reason what's attracted us back here. My wife Loreta gave birth to our little girl last June and since then we have been looking to move back closer to my parents, that's when we found out the chip shop was for sale. Even though it needed a large amount of work we jumped at the chance to own it and couldn't wait to get in there and start developing it. We knew that quite a lot of work was needed to bring it up to date, as the place looked a shadow of its former glory, but once we exchanged we realised just how much of a huge task it would be. The property had not had any investment for what we think was over 10 years. All the equipment was run down and dated. There was no hot water anywhere in the property apart from the bathroom and the building itself needed a lot of repairs.


We have invested a large amount into Kippers, including a new state of the art potato rumble, a new Crinkle cut chipping machine, new commercial fridge and commercial freezer. We have refitted the prep room with clean white cladding and fitted a brand new double stainless steel sink. We have had a new boiler fitted for the shop and have invested in a new griddle as we plan to cook all burgers on this rather than through the fryer (we think its tastier this way). We have serviced the frying range and fully deep cleaned and also invested in a state of the art oil filtration unit which will be used every night to ensure the oil is pure and clean and much more, which people will see when they hopefully visit.


Where possible we have chosen to source our products locally and ethically. We have sourced our potatoes from a local farmer and our fish will be delivered everyday fresh from Grimsby, this way we will ensure the best quality and a great tasting fish and chip dinner. We have also decided to sell Whitby scampi and Whitby cod goujons which are all made in Whitby and delivered to the shop on request. 


This whole process couldn't have been done if it wasn't for my father Barry Matson. He has been at Kippers most days working through the large list of essential jobs and between us we have done the majority of improvements  and has saved us massively on labour costs. Those savings have been re invested to make the shop look the way it does so please, I would like to say thank you to Dad for all the help."

Kippers officially opens its doors to the public on Tuesday 12th April with the tag line 'Tomorrow's fish are still in the sea'

We wish Chris and Loreta the best of luck with the launch of Kippers and hope it's a success.

You can follow the progress of Kippers via their Facebook page by clicking HERE.